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What our candidates say about us

"My application at Diana Duggan Associates was dealt with so professionally and I was amazed with the turnaround, having only registered about a week before getting my interview and contract. I will certainly recommend this agency to others."

"I have the greatest confidence in Diana Duggan Associates. Their staff are always very professional, friendly and helpful. They have supported me in every aspect of my contracting career and have made me feel like a valued employee. I would not hesitate to recommend Diana Duggan Associates to anyone!"

"Diana Duggan have the most professional, friendly, helpful and thoughtful consultants that I have dealt with to date. I was kept informed every stage of the employment process and nothing was too much effort for them from assistance with form filling to calming me down prior to interview. They made the whole process an absolute pleasure and only a phone call away"

"Diana Duggan has placed me in two assignments, and both have turned out to be exactly the right fit. It helped that the Consultant understood the companies they were working with and had a good relationship with them. They also took time to develop an understanding of me, my aims and circumstances and was therefore able to make the correct decision on placements. I highly recommend Diana Duggan Associates."

"I was helped to be recruited as an Executive Desk Assistant by Diana Duggan Associates. Since that time I progressed to analyst level within the same team and I enjoy my work very much. I can confirm that I received an outstanding service from the Consultancy in terms of efficiency and suitability i.e. positions that were offered to me. I had a set of requirements as to what I was looking for in my first job, and they would only offer me the position that a) they would find myself suitable for and b) would suit my requirements. Therefore I would highly recommend this Consultancy."

"Diana Duggan was my first experience with a recruitment agency. They were recommended to me and it's a recommendation I would pass on without qualification and with genuine enthusiasm. They had the professionalism and expertise to find me the right place and it's impossible to over emphasise just how efficiently and clearly they guided me through an extensive application process. But the thing that sets Diana Duggan apart from most other firms, of any kind, is just how unusually genuine, friendly and engaged they are. It has been great that I've had a single point of contact for all queries and dealings. I can say, with all sincerity, that no matter how busy I - or indeed they - may be, all my interactions with them have not only been helpful and fruitful, but genuinely pleasurable."