Guidance for a Successful Interview

The job interview is an integral part of the employment process, 33% of employers decide within the first 90 seconds of interviewing a candidate, whether they want to hire them. Therefore, it is an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their suitability for the position, and create a positive first impression for prospective employers.

In order to be ready for your interview, we have outlined some key points below, to help you best prepare and use as a checklist:

Forward Planning

Taking a few moments to confirm the interview details and clarify travel options ahead of time, can make all the difference, and ensure you arrive to the interview, in a calm and confident manner.

  • Take note and schedule the date and time in your diary
  • Research the location of the interview and best travel routes
  • Check travel updates on the day, prior to your interview
  • Plan to arrive at the interview 15 minutes early

Interview Attire

The professionalism of your work attire has a positive impact on the reputation of a company. Everyone can still bring personality to their outfits, but taking into consideration the below points, will ensure you are well-presented for interview.

  • Wear neutral colours
  • Sensible shoes + polished!
  • Business smart (tie + jacket/pencil skirt/trousers/dress)
  • Sensible + minimal jewellery

Interview Preparation

Preparation for an interview is key, as it is an opportunity to highlight your experience and suitability in person. This will ensure you can demonstrate your potential, and capability for the position and company.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm about the company; why you would like to join the firm.
  • Research the industry and current topical issues.
  • Understand the role and what will be expected of you.
  • Highlight your skills and what you can contribute to the role.
  • Illustrate examples from previous employment to enhance/validate your answers.
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer.

Best of luck and most importantly, enjoy the interview!