CV Advice

The CV provides the first insight into your academic and professional experience. A clear format, good grammar and key bullet points are essential. We have included a CV template below, demonstrating how to best present your profile to potential employers.

CV Template

Personal Details

Full Name, address, email and telephone numbers are required so that you can be contacted for potential opportunities. This should be included at the top of your CV.


If you choose to add a profile make sure it is relevant to the job application you are submitting. You should include your key skills, strengths, the opportunities you are seeking, and how you can enhance a role.

Education History

Be sure to include Academic Qualifications and any other certificates relevant to the role you are applying for

Academic institution (Date)

Degree subject – result

Employment History

You should start with the most recent employment, and always provide the dates for the working period. When summarising your points highlight your responsibilities and day to day duties within the company. You should write your CV in third person. Never refer to yourself as ‘I’.

Company (Date) Job title

(Summary bullet points of duties)

Company (Date) Job title

(Summary bullet points of duties)


Computer knowledge, software and database packages should be included.


Demonstrate your accomplishments gained through academia, university, and extra-curricular activities.


Volunteering and sports are good additions to include to demonstrate your character. Take care to provide examples which highlight qualities suitable for the workplace.